Learn GRASP by Crisp Griffth

grasplogoChris Griffiths is the CEO of ThinkBuzan and the driver behind the globally popular iMindMap brand of products. He is a leading light in the innovation industry with an extraordinary talent for conceiving thinking strategies, processes and techniques that produce powerful results in the modern world.

Whether you’re an entrepreneur, professional or ambitious manager, innovation is the currency you need to succeed in the world today. In GRASP The Solution, Chris Griffiths introduces an inspiring and proven thinking system that’s simple to ‘grasp’ and apply, and will help you build creative momentum towards your goals..

Firstly, Chris empowers you to stop and think about your thinking through an understanding of the five GRASP modes of thinking – Generative, Reactive, Analytical, Selective and Proactive. Then he leads you every step of the way to that BIG idea using the Solution Finder. Follow Chris’s four-step process to learn how to develop killer ideas and make winning decisions, easily, boldly and powerfully!