CoRT Thinking by Edward De Bono

CoRT Thinking Skills Curriculum :

cort-logo The CoRT Thinking Lessons were first published in 1974 – there must be many millions of people who have benefited. This website is here to consolidate and to move forward using all the modern technology available – welcome.

The intention behind this website is to consolidate all matters relating to ‘de Bono Thinking’ – that mix of the CoRT Thinking Programme and Six Thinking Hats and to provide a forum for discussion on the use and implementation of ‘de Bono Thinking’ on a worldwide basis. The primary website will be in English and sub-websites will be established in a number of languages with cross posting between all of these websites so that all visitors can share the information that is provided. Help in translations is always welcome!

This website will deal with issues particular to the teaching and use of ‘de Bono Thinking’ – the enhancement of our thinking ability. This combined Six Thinking Hats & CoRT website is intended to show and illustrate how the CoRT Thinking tools, which enhance our thinking ability, naturally fit into the Six Thinking Hats framework to achieve both effective and enhanced thinking capability – the CoRT Thinking Tools and The Six Thinking Hats framework are fully complementary – hence ‘de Bono Thinking’.